Have dirt? I do!

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Uncategorized


I watch Joyce Meyer on a daily basis, mainly because she’s real. She was a tomboy, has a weird voice, never quite fit in with other women…..and for most of her life was very harsh, negative, and a bit of a perfectionist. A lot like me. We have similar backgrounds, and from what it seems, she was a lot like me in her late 30s…..except for one big thing…..she changed….and I need to. Joyce Meyer always talks about “journaling yourwalk with God” making all the difference in her life….since I find journaling kind of fruitless and a little on the boring side, I decided to do it as a blog.  If one person can identify with my struggle to find myself (a little bit after I should have) and where I fit into God’s plan, then at least I can die knowing that I did a bit of good in this world 🙂

“Life inside the Washing Machine” comes from my desire to have a fresh start, to be clean, to become the person God wants me to be instead of this hard, selfish oaf I feel like I’ve become.  The only way I can improve is by allowing God to “Wash me white as snow…”

So God is the Washing Machine…and apart from him, I can do nothing.


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